The charity is currently governed by a board of up to 9 trustees. Four of these are nominated by Fareham Borough Council. A further four are co-opted from people living in the Ancient Parish of Titchfield, plus one ex officio trustee who is the current vicar of St Peter’s Church in Titchfield.

The trustees are responsible for the governance of the Trust, and are unpaid and give their time freely to the charity. The day to day running of the charity is entrusted to the Clerk to the Trustees.

The trustees meet monthly as a full board to review and monitor progress, make key decisions and agree future plans. Trustees establish sub-committees as and when the need arises.

Mrs Frances Knight, Chairman

Mrs Connie Hockley, Trustee

Mrs Mary Burner, Trustee

Miss Annette Devoil, Trustee

Mrs Amy Kelly, Trustee

Mr Ian Brewerton, Trustee

Mrs Tracey Kenney, Clerk to the Trustees

Trustee Vacancies

The Earl of Southampton Trust is currently looking for a new trustee. Knowledge of finance and investment, legal, medical and care and/or property management are all relevant to the post.

Please send your CV to Tracey Kenney, Clerk to the Trustees, at