Success Stories

It’s wonderful to receive positive feedback from families who we have supported with grants, here is one of our recent success stories:

‘Richard suffered a severe stroke at the age of 44 years which left him disabled. Having left hospital with a manual wheelchair just before the first lockdown, it was soon apparent to Richard and his family how restricted life was with a manual chair. The simple things that we all do independently and take for granted; answering the front door, going to the toilet, going out into the garden were out of reach. Richard’s family were put in contact with a Social Prescriber through their GP practice who suggested applying for a grant from the Earl of Southampton Trust to help provide an electric wheelchair. After applying for the grant and meeting with a Trustee, Richard was given the good news that his application was successful and that the trust was going to buy him an electric wheelchair. That is when life changed, for the better. Richard was able to have a more independent and happy life, opening the front door for the first time in two years was quite a moment! Richard’s confidence has grown because of the chair, because he has his independence back. Richard’s occupational therapists have been able to now work with him in the kitchen, prepping lunch and making drinks. Travelling has been made easier as the wheelchair folds up, so can easily be put in the car boot. When out with his wife, Richard can be by her side as opposed to her pushing the wheelchair from behind. It’s amazing how one piece of equipment can change someone’s life so much!

We will forever be grateful to The Earl of Southampton Trust for helping us change our life for the better.’

We are so pleased that Richard continues to make good progress and wish him and his family well.

If you would like more information on grants, please contact Tracey Kenney, Clerk to the Trust on 01329 513294 or by email info@eost.orguk